Welcome to ZTZ Services International

ZTZ Services, International was formed by Zalya Berler in 1993 with a focus on on-line monitoring for substation and generating station equipment. We are located in North Miami Beach, Florida. ZTZ Services introduced on-line transformer bushing monitoring to several US utilities since that time and has installed over 750 systems. We specialize in complete on-line transformer monitoring systems that include bushing monitoring, DGA monitoring and Partial Discharge (PD) monitoring plus other systems based on customer requirements. homeOur early bushing monitoring systems were on-line, but not continuous systems that enabled the users to measure bushing capacitance and power factor using ZTZ Services’ Vector test set or other test equipment without taking an outage. The ZVCM on-line continuous bushing monitor was developed in 2008 to provide remote monitoring capability and is our standard system platform today. The ZVCM is available in 3-channel and 6-channel models and a 12-channel model will be available by the end of 2013. ZTZ Services is the exclusive distributor for Meter Test Equipment (MTE), a German/Swiss corporation that manufactures the Hydrocal on-line DGA monitors. We developed our TraMoS software to provide a Windows based platform for all transformer monitors. The system can collect and graph data for the ZVCM, Hydrocal, TDM PD monitor, and any other manufacturers’ monitors and equipment with analog data outputs. We continue to research and develop new products for transformer monitoring and you will see several new and innovative products from us in 2014.